July is Parvo Awareness Month

July is Parvo Awareness Month

What is Parvo?

It is a viral disease that is usually seen in puppies, however, it may be seen in adults. The virus attacks the intestinal lining which causes diarrhea (most times bloody), vomiting, depression, lethargy, loss of appetite and dehydration.

How is Parvo transmitted?

It is transmitted by the feces or vomit of an infected dog. It may be carried on -your shoe or clothing that has come in contact with an infected area. It takes 7-10 dogs for a contaminated puppy/dog to show clinical signs of parvo. This virus can survive in favorable conditions for up to 5 months.

How is Parvo prevented?

Vaccinate your puppy as soon as he/she is of age! Do not take your un-vaccinated puppy to parks or beaches where other dogs are free to roam.

How is Parvo treated?

The main treatment is for your pet to be hospitalized and given IV fluids, which contains vitamins, sugar and potassium. This will help with the dehydration and malnutrition that your pet has endured. Anti-nausea medications and antibiotics are also given while your pet is hospital.

Please give our clinic a call to schedule an appointment if you have a sick puppy or just want to vaccinate him/her against parvo.

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