November is Senior Awareness Month

Generally, smaller breeds of dogs live longer than large breeds and cats live longer than dogs. The lifespan will vary with each individual and your veterinarian will be able to help determine what stage of life your furry friend is in. Keep in mind some small dog breeds may be considered senior at 10-13 years of age, while giant breeds are classified as seniors at an age as young as 5. Your veterinarian is your best source for more information to determine when your pet reaches the golden years.

10 tips for keeping your Senior Pet Happy and Healthy

1.) Visit the vet every 6 months for geriatric exams

2.) Be aware of sensory changes

3.) Care for your pet's teeth

4.) Give your pet proper nutrition

5.) Feed high-quality food

6.) Do not overfeed

7.) Encourage moderate exercise

8.) Take care of their joints

9.) Care for your pet's skin and coat

10.) Keep your pet's life comfortable and stable

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